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What is Neuriva? Is it one of the best brain supplements?

What is Neuriva supporting?

The Neuriva brain supplement can help you enhance 5 different brain performance related areas:

  • Focus
  • Memory
  • Learning
  • Accuracy
  • Concentration

Are these claims really true? If we want to determine it, we need to check and examine the ingredients of this brain health supplement. In addition, an easier way is to simply evaluate the real hands on experience of customers, based on the reviews. To be extremely precise in this post I’m going to cover both of these topics. As usually, I will support the statements with scientific studies from highly reliable sources, like PUBMED or  NCBI.

What is in Neuriva?

Neuriva contains clinically proven natural ingredients, that are (based on scientific studies) highly beneficial to your mental performance.

Firstly, it is a powerful source of coffee cherry. As a result it can significantly increase a crucial neuro protein the so called brain-derived neurotrophic factor. There are many benefits of high BDNF. Above all, it is essential for the survival and growth of neuro cells in the brain. In addition, it can ease depression, support your weight loss endeavors, and lower the risk of neurodegenerative diseases. According to a small study, 100mg of coffee cherry increased the levels of BDNF by 143% within two hours. (1) (2) Another study shows that coffee cherry can outstandingly reduce reaction time. (3)

what is neuriva

Secondly, the Neuriva brain supplement provides you with Plant-Sourced Sharp PS (Phosphatidylserine). This fat compound makes up the structure of neurons within the brain. (4) (5) Studies show that it can improve our memory, thinking skills (6) (7) and protect the brain from age related issues. (8) (9) (10) (11) In addition, Phosphatidylserine can also help improve the quality of your sleep, make your mood better and increase athletic performance. (12)

Lastly, it contains rice bran which is the outer covering of the rice grain. Although we don’t eat this part of the rice, it is a rich source of proteins, fats and important micronutrients. For instance, a particular type of vitamin E, the so called alpha tocotrienols may have brain protecting power. (13) An other study also suggest that rice bran extract supplementation can slow down brain ageing. (14)

what is in neuriva

Neuriva ingredients chapter 2: Neuriva Plus

What is Neuriva Plus? It is basically the original product, supplemented with additional B vitamins. (B6, B12 and B9 folic acid) These micronutrients are invaluable for the brain and one of the major reasons to choose brown rice instead of white rice if you want to enhance your mental performance. Not only they are beneficial for the brain at large, but they also have a firmly established role in the prevention of dementia.

Very thorough trials tested the effects of high-dose vitamin B supplementation. There were 85 participants with MCI, a condition at high risk to progress to Alzheimer’s. During a two-year period, they treated the patients with folic acid (0.8 mg/day), vitamin B12 (0.5 mg/day), and vitamin B6 (20 mg/day). As a result, supplementation with these three vitamins helped maintain memory performance and at the same time reduced the rate of brain shrinkage when measured via an MRI. (15)

B Vitamins also help to keep homocysteine, a toxic amino acid, low. Elevated homocysteine is common, affecting up to 30 percent of persons over sixty-five worldwide, and it has several risk factors. Above all, it can decrease cognitive performance and increase the risk of dementia. In conclusion, providing your body with enough vitamin B can enhance and protect your brain.

What is in Neuriva Plus


Neuriva reviews

The original Neuriva brain supplement product has 4.2. out of 5 rating in Amazon based on more than 2500 reviews. Neuriva plus has the exact same rating, calculating with almost 6000 reviews. In addition, it has a pretty high best seller ranking score, standing at #1397 in “Health and Household” and #18 in “Blended Vitamins and Mineral Supplements”.

As far as the positive comments are concerned, the customers mainly experienced better focus, mental alertness and improved memory. Just to mention more specific reviews too, being more productive at work and finding the right words easier are two common claims. Furthermore, compared to other brain supplements most of the customers didn’t experience any side effects.

With respect to the complaints, the cost is a common issue. Unfortunately the product is rather expensive indeed, but the price is comparable to those other brain supplements on the market. (e.g. Neuriva vs Prevagen) One of the major reasons behind this is the Phosphatidylserine content, because you can’t obtain it easily simply through food. Some customers also wrote about sleep issues, which is strange, since it is decaffeinated. Also, there are a couple of simple “it didn’t work” comments without any further details. Let’s take a closer look to these claims.

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Do brain supplements really work?

Brain vitamins by themselves definitely won’t make anyone immediately a genius. As the name says “brain health supplements” their purpose is to supplement your diet. If you can eat 6 well balanced meals every single day (hats off to you if so), they are probably unnecessary. In case you eat fast food all day long, they presumably won’t save you. On the other hand, if you have a healthy, but not perfect diet, they can be a substantial help. Consequently, this can be a major factor why a part of the people experienced improved brain performance, while the others didn’t sense any difference.

In addition, we should never forget about other lifestyle factors. Just like if you want to build muscle, proper nutrition will play an extremely important role, but without training and adequate amount of rest it won’t give you the desired results. It’s pretty much the same when you want to boost your mental performance. You can provide your brain with the best diet, but if all you do is watching brainless tv shows, and you sleep 3 hour every day, it just won’t work. Contrary, when you combine perfect nutrition with regular brain stimulation (e.g. reading, learning, brain games…) and you sleep enough, you will most definitely improve your brain performance.

In conclusion, brain supplements can be a huge help to support your mental performance enhancing endeavors, but they are not an all in one solution.

Back to the other lifestyle factors

A good thing about Neuriva is that they totally accept this fact, since they have their own “brain gym” app. You can easily play these brain games, even if you are on the go. It also helps you track your progression and offers 5 training programs to specifically address different cognitive domains. In the App store, the Neuriva reviews and complaints section shows a pretty good rating, which is 4.5 out of five.


Neuriva can be indeed one of the best brain supplements for adults, but only if they:

  • Have a good, but not perfect diet. (Less than 5 to 6 small well balanced meals)
  • Regularly stimulate their brains. (reading, brain games, learning…)
  •  Sleep enough.


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