What is tryptophan? Can it help feel and sleep better and improve your memory?

what is tryptophan

Before discussing what tryptophan is, we have to know about neurotransmitters and serotonin The human brain relies on the well-composed action of over one hundred neurotransmitters. As a result, some of them have a profound effect on our cognitive performance and mental capacities. For instance, one called serotonin influences our sleep patterns, appetite, emotional stability […]

The brain health benefits of almonds

Health benefits almonds

Three major reasons to choose this snack if you feel mentally exhausted There are several general health benefits of eating almonds. Above all, it is a perfect brain food for four major reasons. First, almonds are a rich source of polyphenols. These micronutrients can promote memory, learning and cognitive functions.1 Second, the skins of almonds […]

What is Acai Berry?

acai berry powder

It sounds like some healthy food, so it probably tastes horrible If you have never eaten an acai bowl, you should definitely give it a shot. This time I don’t speak exclusively to brain nutrition enthusiasts. When we discuss what Acai Berry is, the potential brain boosting effects are just one of the many reasons […]

Hydrate your body, hydrate your mind

Hydrate your body

A distinctive difference between our bodies and brains Since every cell, tissue and organ require water to work properly, it is crucial to hydrate your body. Removing waste, maintaining proper body temperature, and lubricating your joints are just a couple of the important benefits. On average our bodies contain 60% water, 20% protein, 15% fats, […]

White Rice vs Brown Rice

white rice vs brown rice

A vote for whole grains Before talking specifically about “white rice vs brown rice”, let’s examine two bigger groups. Whole grain foods are part of the best nutrition if you want to enhance your mental performance. The vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid that they contain are essential in protecting your memory and they also […]

What is Astaxanthin?

What is Astaxanthin

50 shades of salmon Do you often have sleepless nights thinking about the reason behind the different color of farmed and wild salmons? I can help you with that issue. The main food supply of wild salmons is a small crustaceans, the krill. A powerful carotenoid the so called Astaxanthin is derived from them and […]

Can Proper Nutrition Improve Memory and Cognitive Functions?

Cognitive improvement after 25 Does a healthy diet improve memory and other cognitive functions at any stage of life? Most parents probably know that proper nutrition plays an important role in the cognitive development of children, but what about our later years? According to the original theory, our brains would undergo a fierce period of […]