Resveratrol – 6 science-backed benefits of the brain & beauty compound

Consuming alcohol isn’t a typical characteristic of a healthy diet, that’s pretty straightforward. This is especially true when we talk about mental health, since some studies suggest that any amount of alcohol can hurt your brain. However, if you still do so, at least drink it always in moderation and on a full stomach. In […]

Why adequate intake of choline is crucial for effective learning

Choline Learning

In order to produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, your brain needs an essential nutrient, the so called choline. Acetylcholine is one of the most important neurotransmitters, since it plays a key role in memory, learning, and arousal. Consequently, it’s not surprising that doctors often associate memory-loss related diseases with the deficit of acetylcholine. However, healthy people […]

Increase your BDNF production to amplify your mental performance

What is BDNF?

If you want to maximize your brain performance, proper nutrition definitely plays a key role. In addition, several other different lifestyle factors can be decisive as well. When you want to increase your BDNF production, you should take into account both of these components. But what is it exactly, why is it beneficial to you […]

Creatine – Build your muscles and brain

What is creatine

Being skeptical about weight loss and muscle building products is  perfectly reasonable to do so. The huge amount of exaggerated promotional claims support a billion-dollar-per-year business, often without any credible scientific proof. In addition, if you closely examine the ingredients  of these supplements, they are sometimes  questionably safe to take as well. For instance, a […]

Does chewing gum improve or harm recall?

chewing gum concentrate

Most people chew gum to support oral hygiene, decrease stress, or try to make their jaw lines sharper. With regards to the side effects, it hasn’t been linked to any serious health problems, but some people can experience headaches, diarrhea, jaw pain, or tooth decay. However, the potential positive or negative effects might not end […]

Melatonin – The exceptional sleep and memory enhancement

melatonin improves sleep and memory

You probably already know that melatonin can help you sleep better, but are you aware of the brain related benefits as well? At the Tokio Medical and Dental University (TMDU), researchers found that melatonin can enhance long-term memory. In addition to that, it may be also beneficial against cognitive decline.     What is melatonin? […]

The nutritional evolution and our brain

Researches in evolutionary biology show plenty of determining features that differentiate the humans from other primates. As it turns out, a big group of them are related to our distinctive eating habits. Thereby, you can read a lot about this theory with respect to physical fitness, weight loss or the treatment of metabolic disorders. However, […]

The Rolls-Royce of ingredients can be the best treat for your mind

Black Caviar

As far as animal foods are concerned, eggs are definitely one of the best choices for your brain. They have to produce and sustain life by providing all of the necessary nutrition to the offspring. That being the case, they contain all kinds of nutrients that are crucial not only for bone and muscle growth, […]

The perfect fat ratio for your brain

When you pursue healthy eating, there are a couple of very easily understandable principles. For instance, you should avoid  some foods completely, and you should eat relatively lot from other ones. It might be challenging to actually do it, but at least it is theoretically uncomplicated. However, there are concepts that are a little bit […]

Should you give up coffee to enhance your mental performance?


It is probably safe to say that the vast majority of people start the day with coffee (and lot of them continues with it as well). As a result, it is no surprise at all that there are numerous studies on the health effects of this popular beverage. In addition, coffee is also a common […]